MMAN is proud to work with the following groups in our quest to make the world a safer place for all marine mammals. 

WhalesNeedUS (WNUS): member organization / member small cetacean working
group. Whales can not survive without US Leadership. WNUS is a coalition of 30 +
major and minor NGO’s which work to change / set policy with the United States
government and its interests internationally. This includes actions against nations that
continue commercial whaling in breach of the International Whaling Commission’s
moratorium on commercial whaling. Japan, Iceland, Norway and the Faroe Islands are
most in contravention of this position. It also includes support of actions in other
countries where cetaceans are threatened i.e., New Zealand.!

World Cetacean Alliance (WCA): A global partnership (54 partners from 20 countries), formed to effectively protect the world’s cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) from the many and varied threats that they face. WCA, includes NGOs, whale and dolphin watching businesses, and passionate individuals, all prepared to work together and shout louder on behalf of cetaceans than ever before. The World Whale Festival (held in Brighton, England), is an annual event dedicated to this case.

Origami Whales Project: In support of the California based Origami Whales Project,
NMMCP does outreach to Nantucket schools and community. Students on Nantucket
have folded thousands of origami whales in support of this project. Vice President Joe
Biden noted 5 origami whale christmas trees along Main Street, decorated by Nantucket
Elementary School during Christmas Stroll 2010. Then Senator John Kerry, had two
curtains of Nantucket’s origami whales hanging in his Washington DC office in 2011. We
continue to build on this.

Shearwater Excursions - Whale Watching, Seal Tours and Cruises: Shearwater Excursions is a family-run, year-round eco-tour company on Nantucket. It offers customers the opportunity to explore the many ecosystems in and around the shores of Nantucket, as well as those of the undeveloped outer islands of Tuckernuck and Muskeget and venturing further into the vast domain of the great whales offshore. The company has close ties with many research organizations which ensure passengers are provided with exceptionally educational and well narrated tours.

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Header image courtesy of Ocean Aerials/Wayne Davis.