Water Defense to Release Cumulative Water Testing for Cape Cod and Islands at Nantucket Film Festival

Mark Ruffalo & Scott Smith Will Hold A Press Conference on June 28, 2014 to Share Findings with the Public 

NANTUCKET, MASS. (JUNE 12, 2014) - Water Defense today announced that its founder, Actor, Director and Advocate Mark Ruffalo, and Chief Scientist Scott Smith will hold a press conference at the UMass Boston Nantucket Field Station on June 28, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. to announce cumulative water testing results for Cape Cod and the Islands. Water samples were taken from Eastham, Falmouth, Nantucket Harbor and the Head of Hummock Pond. Water Defense will also introduce its Open-Source Mapping System, which will provide a way for local governments, academic professionals, community leaders and nonprofit organizations to share water testing data though a centralized, transparent and interactive online map. 
As part of its “We are There” campaign, Water Defense has responded to more than 45 water contamination disasters around the world. Using the real world as his laboratory, Smith and his team have gathered unprecedented data to set new water testing standards and have now teamed up with Dr. Sarah Oktay of UMass Boston to put these new standards into action on Nantucket and Cape Cod. The goal is to establish baseline water readings and monitor for contamination for the entire nation, starting with Massachusetts. 
 “Thanks to the collaboration between Smith and Dr. Oktay, we are changing the way our nation’s waters are monitored and protected based on proven science,” said John Pratt, executive director of Water Defense. “Surrounded by water and made up of progressive thinkers, Cape Cod is the perfect place to start our mission and there is broad support for 
transparent and open-source sharing of water testing data to help preserve the environment. Since the Massachusetts House of Representatives passed the $50,000 line item amendment to support our collaboration with Cape Cod Community College, we have made progress developing important baseline data and impacting change.” 
Water Defense Founder Mark Ruffalo added: “On behalf of the future generations on the Cape and Islands along with the rest of the world, we would like to thank Massachusetts State Representatives Brian Mannal and Tim Madden, along with all other elected officials representing the Cape and Islands, for their unwavering support of the community and their constituents to help support our mission.” 
The press conference is open to the public. The UMass Boston Nantucket Field Station is located at 180 Polpis Rd, Nantucket, MA. 
About Water Defense 
Founded by Mark Ruffalo, Water Defense is a non-profit organization dedicated to clean water. Our mission is to use technology and public engagement to keep our waterways and drinking water sources free from contamination and industrial degradation. We believe it is a fundamental human right for people to have access to clean water, as well as to know what’s in it. Water Defense utilizes state of the art Environmental Indicators to measure contamination and 
the accumulation of contaminants over time, which include but are not limited to oil and related chemicals and organometallic compounds. Our water testing methods are the first line of defense in protecting clean water sources. Corporations do not pollute water, people do. By arming communities, corporations, and government agencies with the best available technology to fingerprint what is in the water, we will be able to diagnose the true extent of the problems 
and find remediation solutions together. To learn more, visit www.waterdefense.org.

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